At Blinte, we are dedicated to improving the dining experience and general operations for merchants and consumers in the food and beverage industry. We deliver our restaurant partners and their guests mobile-app based solutions, enabling them to thrive in an increasingly digitized world. Through our platform, we provide software and analytics that allow restaurants to increase sales while reducing costs through operational efficiency gains. The Blinte platform also drives higher customer retention rates as we provide restaurants with novel and engaging ways to interact with their diners.


Our team is driven by a passion to continuously improve the dining experience for both customers and restaurants. We believe the best outcomes stem from creativity, diligence, and fun.

At Blinte, we appreciate diversity and encourage it in our approach to problem solving and implementing innovative solutions.

This is evident in our founding team; we are from four different countries across three continents living in five cities across the United States. Together we have backgrounds in entrepreneurship, food-tech, engineering, finance, law, operations, and management consulting.

Though diverse, our team shares one common trait - our love for food!

Whether you are a foodie, restaurateur, tech enthusiast or just want to connect, please don’t hesitate to reach out!